Erasing traces

Security tips – Erasing traces of Internet activity
If a person who threatens you has access to your e-mail account, this person can read your messages. If you want to protect your account from others, use a password that isn’t easy to guess. The best is a combination of letters and numbers. If you receive threats or harassments via e-mail, print them out so that you’ll have proof in an emergency.


In the menu „history“, select „clear history” and confirm by clicking “delete”.
Also take notice of the browser company’s tips at

Mobile – Browser
Since the terms for each function differ for each device, we can’t give you general instructions. Each device will allow you to clear the browser history in the settings, though.

iPhone, iPad or iPod
Use the „private browsing“ mode, which won’t record your browsing history. Also take notice of the browser company’s tips at


Even if you follow these instructions, it’s possible that your traces aren’t entirely deleted. Many types of browsers have other options to save and display visited websites. Therefore, to be safe, use the Internet in public locations (e.g., an Internet café, your place of work, or at the home of a person you trust). Even there, clear the cache as described above.